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A wandering through Fleischer´s history 1864-1998

Fleischer´s Hotel was founded by Fredrik Lyth Ørum Fleischer( 1834-1906).He bought the house property for 2295 Spd., which was earned by selling Voss Church to the Voss Municipality. The Fleischer family owned Voss church from 1752-1864. Mr. Fleischer ran the hotel together with his wife Magdalene (1839-1915)

The Voss Line was opened and Voss got permanent connection to the second largest city and port city- Bergen.

The number of travellers increased with the arrival of the Voss Line, resulting in a need for larger hotel capacity. Mr. Fleischer chose the well-known architect Peter Andreas Blix and in May 1888 the new and larger building burned to the ground- must likely due to spontaneous ignition. Mr. Fleischer thought he was ruined, but his wife Magdalene had provided insurace.

The hotel was again built in its own individual Swiss style- towers and spires, and a series of large and small balconies. The hotel had 65 rooms with 95 beds and two bathrooms.

At the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900 the hotel was visited by many prominent guests. Kong Oscar II visited Voss as Crown Prince in 1872, King Edward of England was here as Prince of Wales in 1885, and Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany was here three time from 1890-96.His private toilet is displayed in the reception area. In 1907 the King of Siam, King Chulalongkorn visited, and our own king, King Haakon visited the hotel four times from 1908-24.
In the reception area you will find the siganture of these prominent guests, taken from the old guest book.

The Fleischer family sold the hotel to a share holding company, but the name and the reputation was retained. In 1928 the hotel was bought back to the Fleischer family.

During these two years the hotel went through a larger renovation. The veranda in front of the dining room was increased- the kitchen, pantry, reception, entrance and cellar were extended- the lounges were totally renovated- 13 of the rooms were upgraded with their own bathroom and toilet, while another 30 of the rooms had a washbasin with hot and cold water fitted- the electrical wiring were renewed and fire prevention was considered in all aspects of the entire project.

During the second world war the Fleischer´s Hotel was occupied by the Germans, and the hotel was among the few buildings in Voss that was not destroyed by bombs. The hotel was treated very well by the Germans, and even the valuable family silver was in good condition after the war. They were hidden under the dining room floor.

This year th 4th generation tookmover the hotel- Olaf fleischer Tønjum- only 24 years old. The hotel was very run down, as very little had been done over the last 18 years. A systematic decoration and expansion of the hotel startet.

The new wing was finished- a little square concrete block painted in sky blue with 18 top odern rooms. This buildning was in 1993 extended both upwards and outwards, rooms were renovated and the entire building was covered with specially made panel, the design of which was based on that of the old building.

Fleischer´s Apartement wa buildt during the 1960s after signals from America. These motels were tailor-made for car tourists.

Olaf Fleischer Tønjum and Gerd Ohnstad, tourist guide in voss, got married, and a new dimension was brought on to
Fleischer´s Hotel. Lively and always in good spirit, she immediately took the guests to her heart. You still find her in the evenings behind the coffee table in Fredrik´s Bar.

A new top modern conference department was opened, and the dance- restaurant Flame Spot had to move to an other part of the hotel. The name was changed to Top Spot. The same year Fleischer´s Hotel got its own swimming pool.

Fredriks Bar was built, named after the founder, and is today a natural meeting point. Earlier the bar was in connection with the reception, creating a constant queue and lack of seating.

The attic storey was rebuilt and the hotel got 8 new De Luxe rooms, and at the same time a ghost moved in to room 407. In accordance with the description the look of the ghost seems to fit Magdelene Fleischer. Nobdy has felt threatened by Magdalene- she was a very friendly woman with deep interests in the guests well-being-which might be the reason why she does not want to leave the hotel.

Fleischer´s Hotel today has 90 rooms with 172 beds.


The 15th June the hotel opened a new hotel branch in the station with 25 modern rooms. These are associated Fleischer's Hotel with a great walkway.


gangbro til stasjonen



The 23rd of September, at 22.45: the property got affected by a serious fire. A frying pan in the kitchen caught fire. Heroic efforts of the remaining employees at work, and the fire rescues from both Voss and Bergen luckily saved the hotel. The injuries included a destroyed kitchen, large water damage in public areas in 1st floor, the basement and soot and smoke damage in six hotel rooms directly above the kitchen. The Hotel had to close until mid-November. The 14th of November Fleischer's opened the doors again degraded, 55 hotel rooms and a temperary kitchen on the terrace.


The main work of rebuilding after the fire is completed in June. A brand new, state of the art kitchen opened in August. In November the reconstructions and development work of the new buffet area in Restaurant Magdalene is completed.


The 5th of October Fleischer Hotel opened a new à la carte Restaurant – Seckmanstuene. Elegant interiors, gourmet menus and professional and caring hosts’ makes Seckmanstuene particularly well suited for weddings and events with a higher standard of luxurious surroundings.




Fleischer's Hotel, Evangervegen 13, N-5704 Voss, Phone + 47 56 52 05 00
Fax + 47 56 52 05 01, E-mail: hotel@fleischers.no