Litt av historien

A little piece of the history

The beautiful, hictorical Fleischer's Hotel has been located by Vangsvatnet (the lake side at Voss) since 1864. The building in Swiss style which you will find today was finished in 1889, but the history is dated all the way back to 1760.

This was when the family ancestor, Johan Seckman Fleischer moved to Voss. He is the great-grandfather of the hotel founder, Fredrik Fleischer, and the great-great-great-great grandfather to the current host.  

The founder - Fredrik Lyth Ørum Fleischer

In 1864 the founder, Fredrik Lyth Ørum Fleischer, opened the doors to Fleischer’s Hotel and started our family’s long tradition of hospitality. He had the foundings to do so because he sold the Voss Church to the Voss Municipality. The Voss Church had been a Fleischer family property since 1752. The hotel quicly became popular, and through the years we have hosted kings and queens, lords and emperors. In 2014 we were so lucky as to get a visit from the Prince of Dubai. We are proud to say that we understand the importance of well-mannered hospitality. 

Fredrik Fleischer ran the hotel together with his wife Magdalene, and today you will find our Restaurant Magdalene and Fredrik's Bar with great food and refreshment. In 2013 we opened our à la carte restaurant Seckman, named after the first generation of Fleischer that came to Voss, Johan Seckman Fleischer. 

Renovation and new buildings

The hotel has kept its history, but has also been renovated several times. During the years 1938-39 the hotel went through a larger renovation, when the Terrace was enlarged, the kitchen, reception and entrance were extended, and the lounges were totally renovated. 13 of the rooms were upgraded with their own bathroom and toilet, while another 30 rooms had a washbasin with hot and cold water fitted. During the second world war the Fleischer's Hotel was occupied by the Germans, and the hotel was among the few buildings in Voss that was not destroyed by bombs.

In 1957 the 4th generation, Olaf Fleischer Tønjum, took over. And in 1959 the new wing was finisched, the Olaf's Building. This part of the hotel was renovated in 1993, when it also got the same characteristic Swiss style as the rest of the hotel.

Fleischer's Motel was built during the 1960s, as a copy of the growing popularity of motels in America. This was an offer to tourists travelling by car. In 1977 the hotel got its own swimming pool, and at the same time a new dance-restaurant, Top Spot, was built, and a new top modern conference department was opened.

In 2006 the hotel opened a new hotel wing in the station building, with 25 modern rooms. These are connected with Fleischer's Hotel via a walkway. A serious fire in the hotel kitchen in 2008, led to the closing of the hotel for some months. And when the rebuilding was finished in the summer of 2009, the Fleischer family could present a new and top modern kitchen, and a new buffet area in Restaurant Magdalene.

150 years anniversary

In 2014 Fleischer's Hotel celebrated its 150 years anniversary and in this occation we wrote a book about the hotel and its history. For the curious we also offer a historical tour of the hotel, on request. 

Do you want to buy your own copy of one of our books?
Our anniversary book, written in 2014 "Fleischer's Hotel - Hotell i særklasse i 150 år -" - NOK 345,-
Historical book, written in 1994 "Fleischer's Hotel -Tradition & Atmosphere" - NOK 250,-
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