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There is something about Fleischer's Hotel. You notice it when you stand outside the tall wooden building, with pointed towers, spires and bay windows in a myriad of Swiss and dragon style. You notice it when you walk into the lobby and see signatures of former greats who have been here before you. When you walk through the hallways and hear history whispering to you. You sit in the dining room, as Emperor Wilhelm of Germany did, so Edvard Grieg did, indeed, so even the Prince of Siam did.

Here came, princes and princesses, kings and queens, princes and emperors. To Voss, after days on end of travel. They traveled by steamer and rail and horse- drawn carriage along the dusty roads. Through sparsely populated rural areas. Over windswept mountain passes.

To their astonishment, they arrived then to a hotel with a strange familiar atmosphere, as if at ones they were back in Berlin, London, Stockholm or Paris. An atmosphere of noble, continental habits formed of hospitality: "A cigar, Mr. Nansen?" "Dinner is served honorable king. Tonight we have turtle soup for starter and deep fried quail for the main course. Dare we recommend a glass of burgundy? "

In the middle of this beautiful but desolate landscape, right in this nothing far off the beaten track , they found someone who could give them what they were used to, which made them feel at home. And that's exactly how we want you to feel it too.

And when you come into your own room, it's the same views over “Vangsvatnet”, the green hills and the mighty “Gråsida” that have always been there.

It was there when Johan Seckman Fleischer, ancestor of the Fleischer family, came to Voss as a judge in the mid -1700s. It was here when Emperor Wilhelm came here, again and again in the 1890s. And it is here for you. Here today. Welcome!

Fleischer's Hotel, Evangervegen 13, N-5704 Voss, Phone + 47 56 52 05 00
Fax + 47 56 52 05 01, E-mail: hotel@fleischers.no