Vossamoro - sommer


Have some extra fun with a group of friends

Both in the summer and winter time the teambuilding company Vossamoro is available to arrange some fun and challenging activities for you and your friends, family or colleagues. Some activities will challenge your senses, some will make you have to cooperate, and others are just for fun! Why not get to know a group of friends better this way?

Vossamoro provides fun experiences in nature, lets you get close up with the "real” Voss culture and offers you the possibility to try exciting activities in beautiful surroundings. They offer several different activities both summer and winter, and no matter what age you are you can participate. Vossamoro has extended experience in the field, and no matter if you are a large or a small group they will be able to assist your needs.

Staying at Fleischer’s Hotel makes it convenient since you can choose to do your activities right outside the hotel. If you have the urge to see a little bit more of Voss you can visit Vossamoro at the ski resort Voss Resort in Bavallen and have the activities there.

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact Vossamoro:

E-mail: gunvor@vossresort.no

Phone: +47 959 82 065